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Male infertility: 50%

The Heart of Medicine Retreat
June 7, 2018
Response to news about toxicity in Chinese medicine
June 7, 2018

Male factors involved in infertility are often overlooked, with a focus placed on female factors. There are several reasons for this, mostly related to a ‘gendered’ approach to infertility, along with the fact that women tend to be more motivated to seek assistance than men. Regardless, we often find that women have been exposed to interventions and treatments that can negatively impact their health, only to discover that male factors are involved and that the investigation could have been better placed elsewhere.

At Point Specifics, we the see the situation as a 50:50 equation. We need a live sperm and a live egg to meet and fuse and transform, so our investigation needs to examine how we can make the sperm and the egg ‘more’ alive. This is achieved through facilitating adequate circulation with acupuncture and herbs, and a detailed examination of lifestyle factors that can drastically impact fertility. Results are far more successful when both people in the partnership are involved in the process of fertility treatment.